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Welcome to the INVOLVE Projects Database.

The aim of the database is to provide a resource of published and unpublished research projects in the field of health (including public health) and social care that have or plan to actively involve members of the public as partners in the research process.

Each entry has been written by the individual research project and includes details of the projects' aims, methods, research design and the ways in which members of the public have been involved. Contact details are supplied for you to find out further information on any of the projects that might be relevant or of interest to you.

The database is constantly being updated with new information and projects and reviewed for further development. It can currently be searched in a variety of ways including by keyword, author and stage of public involvement. If you would like us to search the database for you, please contact Helen Hayes, Information Officer at INVOLVE.

To search the database now - click on the Enter Database link below:

If you are working on a research project, which actively involves members of the public, we would like to hear from you.

To fill in details of your project online  please click on the link below - or if you prefer you can download and print off a PDF copy of the form to return to us by fax or in the post.


Please complete one form for every research project.  If you know of other people doing research involving the public please give them this web address.  Please include as much information as possible even if you are not sure whether it is relevant. 

If you have any questions please contact INVOLVE   
Tel: 023 8065 1088 E-mail:

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